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 This is my site which records my trips, holidays and shows I see. I am a Welsh Theatre nut who loves to travel. I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit, finances permitting, and hope to travel a lot more.

My ramblings, and rambling they can be, are placed here as on “off site” memory for me, and your amusement should you wish to read further. Please feel free to contact me, I have been lucky enough to have met up with some very nice people over the years as a result of my travels, and look forward to meeting more.

Each of these photos will take you to a different section of the site, a (not too obtuse shall we say) Lucky Dip. Alternatively you can use the menu bar above.

Read on dear visitor, read on….

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© Rob O’Keefe 2017

All views are my own, and are my opinion, interpretation of what I experienced, saw or where I visited.  If you know anything I say to be factually incorrect, or believe you own the copyright of any images and would like them amended please feel free to contact me and I will consider each request, and update the site where necessary.

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