Christina Bianco



A concert tonight, starring the great American impressionist Christina Bianco, now this lady maybe small in stature, bordering on the tiny but she has a MASSIVE voice. You can check out her talent on YouTube where she has her mash-ups where she can perform one song as up to 20 different performers.

The theatre has been revamped since my last visit, see photos of the foyer at the top of this post. The stage, was a basic concert set up there was a live band and the lady herself.

There are songs from musicals, pop singers, and you know the old phrase “she could sing the phonebook and be good” well she doesn’t quite do that but she does read a intereior design book i the voice of it’s writer Barbra Streisand!

As a little prize after a fun competition amongst the audience she recorded a voice mail message in the voice of any performer they wanted.

A great nights entertainment, and a lady I would definately go back to see again.

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