Ghost – The Musical



At the New theatre Cardiff, for a matinee, something I almost never do, and after the traffic I hit this Saturday afternoon may well never do again!

Here for a show I haven’t seen before, obviously I know the story as it’s based on the Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore movie of the same name. It tells the story of Sam a and his wife Molly, …






Sam is killed during a robbery and comes back as a ghost to protect his wife. It features some great songs the main stand out for me is the haunting “WithYou”.

Now I must say i entered the show with some trepidtion, a there had been some REALLY negative internet talk about the cast, primariy the leading lady Sarah Harding from the girl band Girls Aloud. There was even a ‘pirated’ copy of her performance on the first night, that sounded, shall we say less than perfect. However giving the lady her due I thought she was okay, she carried the tunes well, I enjoyed her performance, she isn’t the greatest voice for musical theatre but I enjoyed it. Oh and special mention to Jacqui Dubois in the ‘comedic lead’ of Oda Mae Brown, this lady is a star.

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