OMG! is an original play written by Anthony Bunko and Paul O’Sullivan, and is directed by a friend of mine Neil Maidman.

It tells a story of sex, betrayal, sex, the beginning of time and … more sex! Features Adam and Eve, deities and some people who live in Merthyr!

The cast are primarily local people and most were in the last original performance The Wizard of Gurnwah (a re-telling of the Wizard of Oz set in Merthyr)

This is a great show, but is the epitome of “contains words, themes and performances that may offend” i.e. a great night out.

This locally written, produced, performed show allowed me to address my snobbery about theatre, I really delayed going to see the original show, as I was thinking “how could anything created and cast in my town be as good as the West End” well although they may not have the money they certainly have the talent and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this new venue Theater Soar, a renovated chapel.

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