Benidorm on Stage









New Theatre Cardiff 19th February 2019

Written by Derren Litten, Directed by Ed Curtis, Choreography by Alan Harding.

Starring: Jake Canuso ‘Mateo’, Janine Duvitski ‘Jacqueline’,, Adam Gillen ‘Liam’, Sherrie Hewson ‘Joyce Temple-Savage’, Shelley Longworth ‘Sam’, Tony Maudsley ‘Kenneth’. Together with a supporting cast and Asa Elliott who appeared in many episodes as a signer in the Neptune Lounge, and actually is a club singer in Benidorm.

This is the live stage version of the successful TV sitcom. It features the majority of the main cast, and is written by Derren who created and wrote the majority of the episodes.

Benidorm tells the story of the staff and guests at the Solana hotel in the eponymous Spanish seaside resort.

Now I will start by saying this is not high-brow entertainment, this is your typical Seaside / Carry On humour, so really right up my street!

I found it a fun evening, a well put together show, with musical performances and a chance for all the main cast to have a moment,

The story carries on from the end of the series with the hotel under threat of closure and incorporates a theme from an episode of the series where the staff know there is a ‘mystery shopper’ in the hotel and chaos ensues as mistaken identity prevails.

For me the funniest gag of the night, and thing that will give those uninitiated an idea of the humour… (some of the exact wording is hazy but the punchline is the main thing:

A new guest: “Ooh they do pool service meals and have sausages in wine”

to which another replies “Jacqueline prefers Sausage in Cider”

Say it out loud and you’ll get it! 🙂

So with only two stops of the tour left, catch it if you can. It’s a fun night out.

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