Miss Saigon – Final Flight


Well if you’d read the about me page of this blog you would have seen me say I only update my main site when I visit London, well this is a visit to London I didn’t put a review about, mainly as it was just one show up and home in 1 day, driving over 340 miles, what show was this for …

Well for anyone who knows me it will come as no suprise, and for those observant amongst you, it’s in the title of this post 🙂


What’s happening, well the restaging of my favourite show is  closing (all too soon for me) after 760 performances. Not wanting to miss out I drive from South Wales to London and see both performances, matinee and evening. Something I did for the initial run at Drury Lane (although I stayed in London for that one).

The show tells the story of Kim (a young girl from the country who becomes a bar girl in Saigon) and Chris a young American G.I.

What can I say, this is the show that started it all for me, seeing an 18 year old Lea Salonga on the Wogan TV show back in the 80’s I decided I must see the show, and i’ve been going to shows ever since.

“The Final Flight”  was how they promoted the final performances in London. Both performances were for me: moving, spectacular, unforgettable and performed with a level of skill and professionalism that you’d be hard to match.

The one bit of good news was Cameron Mackintosh announcing that the 25th Anniversay performance that took place the year before would be released to Cinemas, and onto DVD, also that the show was opening on Broadway and would tour the UK in 2017. Finally making a cryptic hint that “The movie may not only be in my mind too much longer” giving us die hard fans the hope of a cinematic version similar to Les Miserables.

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