Dreamgirls 28th April 2022

Book and Lyrics by Tom Eyen, Music by Henry Krieger, Original Broadway Production Directed and Choreographed by Michael Bennett, Additional Material by Willie Reale


Nicole Raquel Dennis ‘Effie White’.

Although I may have seen Sharlene Hector, as although I was a little way back I don’t believe it was Nicole, and as is the usual situation these days, no cast board, no announcement and no insert in the programmes, am I the only one this bugs or am I just being grumpy!

Natalie Kassanga ‘Deena Jones’, Paige Peddie ‘Lorrell Robinson’, Dom Hartley-Harris ‘Curtis Taylor Jr’, Brandon Lee Sears ‘Jimmy Early’, Shem Omari James ‘C C White’, Jo Servi ‘Marty’ and Brianna Ogunbawo ‘Michelle Morris’.

Ensemble: Shonah Buwu, Harvey Ebbage, Olivia Foster-Browne, Kellianna Jay, Ryan Kayode, Holly Liburd, Ross Meagrow, Samuel Nicholas, Nicole Nyarambi, Ilana Richardson and Josh Singleton.

This is the musical telling the story (but not really) of the Supremes, well it actually tells the story of a 3 member black girl group of the sixties who had one member who became more famous. So to be fair it’s not really the story of the Supremes although a lot of people who haven’t seen it assume it is.

It tells the story or ‘Effie’, ‘Deena’ and ‘Lorrell’ three friends who have a girl-group in the 60s, as they manage to get themselves on stage at the Apollo theatre, where they meet a small time hustler who persuades them they need a manager.

Effie who has always sung lead, as she has the strongest voice, is gradually pushed back as Deena (the more traditional looking lead singer) is promoted as front person.

The groups trajectory is traced throughout the show, and covers what happened to so many performers at that time, and many times since. With solo careers, affairs and career ups and downs.

I won’t go into any more details as you need to see the show and I’m (where possible) a spoilers free reviewer.

This show has some wonderful songs, my personal favourite “Listen” .. now you weren’t expecting that were you! You were expecting me to say “and I am telling you” the one song from this show that even non-musical theatre fans know about. Well that is without doubt (when done properly) a literal ‘showstopper’ as it was on the night I saw this show. I mean it was as if someone plugged all the seats in the auditorium into the mains as everyone jumped up to give a standing ovation when that number finished.

It was a powerhouse performance from a number of the cast, the obvious lead of Effie being the biggest. It has humour, wonderful music, emotion off the scale and leaves you exiting the theatre feeling uplifted.

Check out the tour if you can.

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