Fascinating Aida – St. David’s Hall 23/02/2022


Now this is a concert not a musical.

Fascinating Aida are a group founded in 1983 made up of 3 ladies: Dillie Keane (founder member), together with Adele Anderson and Liza Pullman who are joined on the piano by Michael Roulston for this tour.

Now these are some seriously funny (contradiction intended) ladies. They write some funny, cutting satirical songs, and perform them faultlessly.

I had heard of them before, being of the vintage who remember seeing Dillie on the TV back in (if memory serves) the late 70s and early eighties.

However I ‘rediscovered’ them after coming upon the song “Cheap Flights” on YouTube. I thought that song was funny, sought out more of their stuff and decided the next time they toured I would go and see them.

Then covid intervened.

So this is their first tour since “the ‘rona” as some are now calling it, and despite a few hiccups where shows had to be rearranged as members caught the virus, it has gone ahead and shown the members to be just as acerbic and witty, with great voices and no appearance of slowing down.

Stand out songs for me were the afore mentioned “Cheap Flights” (an ode to Ryan Air et al), “Dogging” I’ll leave that to you to find out what it’s about, however as Dillie says in the show if your going to Google it .. maybe don’t take your laptop to Currys for repair immediately after!

So I will finish by saying catch this act whenever you can, they are pithy, clever, political, right up to the moment and very very talented.

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