We Will Rock You WMC 13th April 2022

Creative Team:

Music & Lyrics – Queen, Book – Ben Elton, Director – Ben Elton, Musical Supervisor & Orchestrator – Queen & Stuart Morley, Additional Choreography & Original Adaptations – Jacob Fearey


‘Cliff’ – Michael McKell, ‘Khashoggi’ – Adam Strong, ‘Galileo’ – Ian McIntosh, ‘Scaramouche’ – Elena Skye, ‘Killer Queen’ – (One of) Kate Leiper / Laura Bird (know it was an understudy but no announcement), ‘Brit David’ – Michael Johnson, ‘Meat Martina’ – Ciabatti Mennell.

Okay and I will add that I believe those were the rest of the cast I saw.

So We Will Rock You usually (and from here on in this review) written as WWRY as it saves us non typers getting carpel tunnel 😉

It is a show I’ve seen a few times before mainly at it’s original home of the Dominion Theatre in London and had a great time each performance, although I often came out with my ears bleeding (not really) as it is a LOUD show.

It is set in a future where all live music is banned and a central power ‘Global Soft’ controls the whole of earth now renamed iplanet.

Here a dreamer known as ‘Galileo’ meets ‘Scaramouche’ a fellow outsider and they try to escape the clutches of the all powerful Global Soft.

Now WWRY is a fun show written by Ben Elton, probably best known to people of my vintage as the angry political comic of the 80s/90s. He now seems to have a sideline in writing musicals as together with this show he wrote Tonight’s The Night (The Rod Stewart Musical). Now I enjoy both of these shows as the humour is of my level.

As you may have guessed by this point it is based around the music of Queen.

All in all this was a reduced but very enjoyable tour production that had a very talented cast and was a great night in the theatre.

Stand out songs for me “No one but you”, “The Show must go on” and “These are the days of our lives”

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