The Cher Show – 25th August 2022 – New Theatre Cardiff

Creative Team:

Producers: Royo, Fiery Angel, Cuffe & Taylor/Live Nation, Playing Field with Aria Entertainment, Tilted and Jones Theatrical Group

Book Rick Elice, Musical Supervision, Arrangements and Orchestrations by Rich Morris, Choreography: Oti Mabuse, Direction by: Arlene Phillips.


Millie O’Connell ‘Babe’, Danielle Steers ‘Lady’ and Debbie Kurrup ‘Star’ (three incarnations of Cher, with Lucas Rush, Jake Mitchell, Sam Ferriday, Tori Scott and Jordan Anderton, Jasmine Jules Andrews, Carla Bertran, Catherine Cornwall, Aine Curran, Sam Holden, Samantha Ivey, Ingrid Olivia, Aston Newman Hannington, Clayton Rosa, Chay Wills, Guy Woolf

This, unsurprisingly tells the story of the life of the Icon that is Cher. She has had enough life for three shows and I was wondering how they would shoehorn it all in. All I can say is they did a great job.

With the three leads all playing Cher, in various stages of her life: ‘Babe’, ‘Lady’ and ‘Star’ I was intrigued to see how they would put this all together. Well the show starts with the excellent Debbie Kurrup, who I had the pleasure of seeing a good few years ago in Tonight’s The Night musical (based on the music of Rod Stewart) who was Cher backstage at one of her TV specials and feeling unsure if she can go out and perform at which tome the two other incarnations of Cher come out to talk her into doing it.

Now I then assumed they would have young Cher for a while then change to ‘Lady’ then eventually back to ‘Star’. But they were a lot more original than that with all three Cher’s being there for the whole show commenting on each other as they play out their seciotn of Cher’s life.

This is a high energy, wonderfully performed show, with an uber-talented cast. Add to this the classic songs that Cher has produced you have a great night in the theatre.

All of the ladies who played Cher were wonderful and captured Cher’s unique vocal style when covering the songs, Oh and they looked stunning in the costumes that Cher is famous for nearly wearing.

Stand out songs for me were: ‘Little Man’, ‘I got you babe’, ‘Gypsies, tramps and thieves’, ‘I found Someone’, ‘The beat goes on’ and ‘Living in a house divided’.

This is an excellent show. I mean it must be when I really enjoyed it after getting fleeced by NCP car parks who charged £19 for 3 hours parking, when I was a little later arriving and unable to get my usual parking space.

If you get the chance go and catch this show.

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