The Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels New Theatre Cardiff 3rd October 2023

The Crown Jewels is a comedy play that starred:

Al Murray (The Pub Landlord being his most famous character), Carrie Hope Fletcher, Mel Giedroyc, Aidan McArdle, Neil Morrissey (not on the night I saw it, or I believe most other nights in it’s stop in Cardiff), Joe Thomas, Tanyi Virmani and Adonis Siddique.

It tells the ‘true’ story of when the Crown Jewels were apparently nearly stolen by Colonel Blood in 1671.

It is a great, bawdy, fun romp through historical times. Al Murray gets a chance to ‘hold court’ see what I did there as King Charles the 2nd, even doing what was almost ‘a bit’ as they used to call it talking to the audience and even picking on some of them at one point.

Carrie got to sing a few songs as part of her dual roles and the others were great comic performers who gave it their all.

A really fun night out. Oh and I should point out here that if I have photos inside the theatre these are inveriably taken as soon as I take my seat and the lack of people in front of me shouldn’t be taken as a comment on the show.

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